My Heartrate While Sick With a Peritonsillar Abscess

The heartrate, as measured by a Fitbit Charge HR, of an otherwise-healthy 30 year old male (me), diagnosed with a Peritonsillar Abscess. Extracted from the Fitbit website via API, and graphed using numpy and matplotlib.

I began feeling ill on Tuesday the 13th, but Wednesday felt better.  Thursday the 15th is when I seriously began to feel sick.  I left work early, idled around the house, and went to bed early.  Unfortunately, I did not charge my Fitbit and its battery died during the very first stages of the interesting data.


I measured a peak fever of 103.5 F (via oral thermometer) on the 16th around 3:00PM Eastern time, as marked on the chart.  I treated this with Excedrin (APAP, Aspirin, and Caffeine, typical doses) along with an ice pack. The following day, Urgent Care sent me to the ER where I received IV antibiotics, IV steroids, and IV fluids.  Within hours I began to feel better, and you can see the huge drop in heart rate and the very good night's sleep that followed.